Copies of Old Masters Copies of Old Masters Woman in Hammock 65678551 Unpretentious Garden apres Melchers 65797386 The Reader apres Benson 65680157 A Rainy Day apres Benson 65701132 Dance in the City apres Renoir 65696075 Seaside Posies apres Bauerle 65700602 Sleeping Girl with Cat apres Renoir 65680735 After the Bath apres Peel 65696074 The Young Shepherdess apres Bouguereau 65696076 Meditation apres Bouguereau 65700601 Landscape apres Jones 65700600 Young Woman Seated apres Renior 65696078 Windflowers apres Waterhouse 65696077 Woman Holding a Flower apres Benson 65700606 To Pastures New apres Guthrie 65679424 The Young Seamstress apres Bouguereau 65700603